Random Thoughts of the Week: March 7th-13th


•Why are there children in front of my house screaming on a weekday? Those little brats should be in school.

I Hate Kids•There’s a Trojan commercial where a son puts a condom in his dad’s jacket pocket and tells him to have a good time…gross!

What...What is Happening?•Some woman let her kid run around my front yard screaming his head off for ten minutes. Lady, you’d better shut that kid up.

Seriously?!•My friend’s cousin, who can’t be more than 14 said, “this watermelon is pretty good for not being in season.” Girl talks as if she’s a 50 year old woman.

Just Weird•My sister wears so much perfume that as soon as she opens her bedroom door to leave, the entire house smells like whatever she’s wearing that day.

Choking•I like when a commercial about a prescription drug ends with “why wait?” Why wait? Hmm let’s see, maybe because you just listed about 20 different side effects, one being an increased risk of cancer.


•Someone asked me, “who drives the minivan?”Listen, my car is totally a “mom car,” but it is certainly not a minivan!

Mad Panda 2

•I was waiting at a stop light and saw a guy to my right open his car door and spit out a loogie.

Nope •I told my sister Friday night that our TV was broken, what we needed to fix it and how much it’d cost. She texted me Monday night asking if our TV was broken…

Eye Roll and Sigh

•Why is a weirdly spelled word.

Disney Shrug

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