Random Thoughts of the Week: January 17th-23rd


•The mayor of the city that I work in came into my work and threw a massive hissy fit, because the advertisements that he apparently pays us to run weren’t running that day. We explained to him that we had a power outage that morning so things weren’t running like they usually do. He didn’t seem to care and, I guess, thinks everyone is a certified electrician and can magically make everything work as if everything is run like one of those fucking clapper lights.

You are a major dick

•Regular people should not be allowed to drive the same models of cars that the police use. Don’t even act like you don’t agree with me. I know that when we all pass a black charger we have that oh-shit-moment of “I’m totally gonna get pulled over! I don’t know what I was doing, but I’m sure I was doing something illegal.”

You Know I'm Right

•I had some guy say to me, “thanks, lady…” Lady? Lady?

How 'bout no!

•I went to buy some cookies from the Girl Scouts outside of my work, and the mom said to the girls, “what do we say to the lady?” (again with the “lady” shit) One of the girls said, “would you like to buy some cookies?” The mom then said, “well she’s standing here, so that’s kind of obvious.”

No one asked you, bitch

•Two people I work with were telling me that I should braid my hair because it’s getting long enough. As if I look like I’m the kind of person who knows how to braid hair?

Zoom in Umm•At work there’s a song called I Didn’t Know What Time It Was from an album called Woman Child that plays every five minutes. I think it’s safe to say that the woman singing is clearly confused about a few aspects of life…like what a watch is and the concept of age.

Eye Roll and Sigh

•I hate when football players celebrate after small things. Like, that’s your job, you’re being paid millions of dollars to do that. Why do you think people should applaud you? Could you imagine if normal people celebrated after everything they did at their jobs? Waiters bring you your drinks, *celebration*:

Crazy laughter

Fuck You! (Smash)•Apparently there was a dead body found a couple of blocks away from my house. If I don’t post a blog next week it’s probably because the murderer on the loose got me.

Looking scared

•I hope that none of you have to experience the moment of complete awkwardness that comes with someone trying to jokingly hold onto their money when they go to pay you. It’s terrible.

I'm so uncomfortable

•Someone I work with was telling me about the job they were interviewing for, but didn’t want anyone else we work with to know about it so she said, “come back here so we can talk about that j-o-b.” She literally spelled it out. I mean sure, I complain about the fact that I work with a bunch of children…but they’re still children who are old enough to spell. It was a good try though.

Awkward Congratulations

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