Random Thoughts of the Week: November 22nd-28th

  • Every time I walk towards an automatic door I have a very real fear that they’re not going to open and I’m just going to walk into them. Why do they only open when I’m an inch away from them?

I hate it!

  • Did you guys know that people still pop their collars?


  • It was raining for the Thursday premiere of Catching Fire, and I was holding the door open because we had all the other doors locked (so people wouldn’t get out of hand). So, I’m holding the door open and this girl walks up, trying to close her umbrella, and I tell her not to poke me in the eye…while she didn’t poke me in the eye, she did end up dumping all the water that was on top of her umbrella onto my face.


  • Some random dude rubbed my shoulder and told me I needed a beer.

No Touchy

  • The heater kicked on at work and sent a shit load of smoke into the lobby.

Everybody stay calm!


Stay fucking calm!


Everybody just fucking calm down!


  • A woman getting tickets from me forgot what movie and said, “uhh best man holiday?…it’s a black movie.”

Double Confusion

  • A guy I work with jokingly told another guy I work with that he was a pussy. In response, he said, “well I am what I eat.”

Judd Nelson chuckle

  • Did you guys know that the brothers who did the Boston Bombing are up for Time’s person of the year?

I Mean, What The Fuck

  • Some guys in Italy found my blog and we’re talking about it in a forum, which google chrome graciously translated for me, and one guy said, “I found this blog, it doesn’t make any sense, but it has the funny moving pictures.” So there’s that.



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