Random Thoughts of the Week: October 4th-10th

  • My grandma goes to a line dancing class every Thursday, and she had me go with her while I was visiting her in Arizona. The lady started the class by saying, “ok I’m teaching a new dance to I Don’t Need It by Jaime Foxx, you know, that black guy.”

Say What?

  • Audio books are terrible. Like, why do the people reading them do the different voices? I don’t use different voices when I’m reading to myself. Honestly, they just sound so ridiculous and it’s super distracting. I didn’t even hear a word they said becuase I was so focused on trying not to laugh at the voice they were doing.

I Don't Get It

  • Why is there a “cool” option on blow dryers?

I don't see the point in that

  • I was doing a crossword on my flight home and one of the clues was, “Juan’s cheers.” Do you want to take a guess at what the answer was? It was “oles.” Racist much mister crossword-maker?

Wow. Wow.

  • I got a notification on Facebook from someone asking me to like a page. Unfortunately, it read, “so-and-so asks you to like Teens Living With Cancer.”

I Have No Idea How to Respond to That

  • There’s a country song where the guy sings about shining his headlights into her bedroom window. Ladies, that is not romantic behavior; that’s some creepy, stalker, I’m-going-to-murder-you-later behavior! Run, as fast and as far as you can.

Running Scared

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