Random Thoughts of the Week: August 30th-September 5th

  • A guy I work with needed his shift taken so he could go on a “friend date” with the girl who broke up with him only a day earlier. We all just looked at him for a few minutes and he didn’t seem to understand why what he was telling us would be seen as weird.

What 1 What 2 What 3

  • I’m almost positive that being a home owner is going to kill me. I’m not equipped for almost anything that happens or things that need to be done. Just the other day I took a weed eater to the bushes because they needed to be trimmed…that’s how that’s done, right?

Not Great..

  • You know what’s inevitable? The second leg a woman shaves being worse off then the one we started with. We just stop caring as much after we spend all that time on leg one.

It's Science

  • My friends and I went to a bar that had 4 different stories, and I’ll take a shot in the dark and say that they aren’t big on catering to handicapped people; they had the elevator blocked with a table so a lady could sell beers.

Fucking Asshole

  • A convenience store on a Sunday morning is the best place to tell what kind of night a person had. One look at somebody and you know it was a rough one.


  • That being said, you can also tell what kind of a driver a person is based on how they turn; if they do a complete stop to turn then you want to get away from them as soon as possible because they’re probably going to be driving 5 under the speed limit.


  • Life tip for all those people who fall for that Catfish type shit: if the person you’re talking to online ever uses the word “silly” when talking to you, then they are probably older than 50.

True story

  • If you missed last week’s podcast: Episode 4

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