Random Thoughts of the Week: June 21st-27th

  • I find myself feeling grateful that I’ve never come across one of those women who correct people on their title i.e Mrs./Miss. I mean really…

Who Gives A Fuck

  • At work, when I tell someone to do something they act as if I kicked their dog. I’m not raising my voice, cussing at them, or getting in their face about something…and still they look like they’re about to cry.

Pull Yourself Together

  • I’m so glad I didn’t have to go trough the awkward braces/retainer phase.


  • I’m completely incapable of talking to kids. I can’t make my voice go into that tone that is needed for kids not to be terrified of me. I talk to them as if they’re just miniature 20-something year olds. I always leave the “interactions” thinking:

Feel the Awkward

  • That guy tight roping across the Grand Canyon was praising Jesus a whole lot, which is the complete opposite of what I’d be doing. I’d be flipping out.

Lots of Cussing

  • Realizing you missed a spot shaving your leg, after the fact, is so annoying. You’re just sitting there rubbing your leg thinking, “oh how smooth” and then bam! the illusion is shattered.

Aww Man

  • Is anyone else amazed at the idea of language? The alphabet was formed and people just started coming up with words? Like right now I’m writing and you’re reading a bunch of different combinations of the same 25 letters but the words all mean something different…I just don’t get it. People were just sitting around thinking, “ya know what, we need a word for that. How about such-and-such?” But they were already thinking/speaking in words that came from somewhere else! I can’t even explain how crazy I think that is.

Haverford Faces

  • I had CNN on in the background, because MSNBC was on a commercial break, and I don’t willingly watch CNN for this specific reason: they tell me, “oh we’ve got breaking news. The Patriot’s tight end, Aaron Hernandez, is being arrested. Let’s go to Susan Candiotti for more information.” Now a little preface, Susan is the same woman I complained about when the Boston bombings happened. Susan is telling me, “the police arrived at his house, entered and took him away in handcuffs. We don’t know why he’s being arrested, if he’s being charged, but he was taken away with his hands handcuffed behind his back.” That’s literally all the news she had. I mean, not only is she a terrible reporter, but CNN should know better than to think, “oh let’s talk to our reporter who has literally no news to share whatsoever!” You already told us he was arrested, I don’t need someone to explain to me the process of arresting someone; I know they get handcuffed and taken to the police station, in a police car! CNN doesn’t report the news, they state the obvious.


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