Random Thoughts of the Week: April 19th-25th

  • When the aluminum foil roll falls out of the box:


  • A girl came into my work for an interview and she brought a résumé with her, which was really just a list of a bunch of acting gigs she’s done. Also, under training she had a list of the acting coaches she’s had.


  • As serious and tragic as the events in Boston were, can we talk about how terrible the news coverage was? I mainly watched CNN and those idiots kept cutting away to “reporters” whose only breaking news was, “there are cops driving by at a high rate of speed with their lights on; something’s happening, Wolf!”

Stephen Colbert Boston1Stephen Colbert Boston 2Stephen Colbert Boston 3

  • One of my coworkers told another coworker of mine that I had this blog, and now all this girl does is ask if something she does is gonna be in the blog. I mean, it more than likely will because this girl is some kind of special (not in a good way), but still


  • I told someone “bless you” when they sneezed and then I had the thought that it’s weird that we all have different sneezes. Obviously, I’ve realized that before, but I’ve just never really thought about it.

Confused Mark

  • My coworker, who’s 15, got hit on by a guy who looked almost 30.


  • When people fly by you on the road and then get stuck behind the car directly in front of you…yeah, you got real far asshole.


  • If you’ve ever let your child, and by child I mean anyone who can barely avoid running into things (which sadly might include some adults), push the cart at the grocery store:

Fuck You Fuck You

  • There’s a girl I work with who asks people, multiple times, to cover at least one of her shifts every week. This girl also always complains about how she doesn’t have any friends….Are you really surprised? Because…

I'm Not

  • Anyone who whines about the littlest thing like it’s the end of the world should take a long hard look at themselves, because they’re acting like a little baby  (*cough* girl I work with mentioned in the above bullet point *cough*).

Ugly Cry