Random Thoughts of the Week: January 4th-10th

  • Every time people would ask for a ticket to Django they would pronounce it duh-jango, like Dijon mustard. He told you in the trailer, the D is silent.

The D Is Silent

  • A kid used a fake ID, one saying he was 21, to get him and his friends into an R-rated movie. Problem with that is that once we verified that he wasn’t 21 ( 1. The kid who checked his ID goes to high school with him and 2. He used to work at another AMC so we called and had them check his file…turns out he’s 16) we had to call the cops because it’s the company’s policy. So we go to get the kid and tell him he has to wait with us and that’s when he starts his spiel about how he’s a good kid and that this will ruin his life. I asked him why he got the ID in the first place and he said to get into a club…strike one. He told us that his friend got in trouble for the same thing and it was a $5,000 fine and blah blah blah…strike two, should’ve learned from your friends mistake. When my manager told him he wouldn’t be tried as an adult he said that he had already been in a lot of trouble…strike three, you’re an idiot. He gets a class-c misdemeanor and loses the license all for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which he didn’t even get to finish. At least try and sneak into a good rated-R movie, like Django.

No Patience For Stupidity

  • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly fold a fitted bed sheet.

Sad Kid

  • I was checking IDs, like I always do because I’m the only one that people take seriously, and when a couple walked by me the guy jokingly said to his girlfriend, “do you want to sneak into Texas Chainsaw?” His girlfriend replied, “No, I don’t think so; she looks scary.”

Mission Accomplished

  • I don’t care how small a purse is there will always be that one thing that will take you 5 minutes to find. It’s like we all have Hermoine’s bottomless-fucking-pit-of-a-purse.


  • A guy threw up in Django, and after I finished cleaning it up he passed by me and apologized saying, “sorry, I have a weak stomach and it’s pretty gory.” Were you expecting a movie about rainbows and kittens? He probably watched one guy get shot; he didn’t even get to the guy getting his penis blown off and he was already getting sick.

Are You Kidding Me

  • A guy came out and asked us if we could shut the door to the auditorium he was in because he could hear the shitty music we play in the lobby (he just said music, but it’s really terrible and I thought you should know). I guess he thinks there’s some kind of special powers you need to close the door. He couldn’t just shut it himself? He wasted more time and missed more of the movie so he could come and find us to do it for him?

Closing Door

  • I’d like to thank the 20 coworkers of mine who passed on their sickness to me, really fantastic.

Fuck You Guys


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