Random Thoughts of the Week: December 21st-27th

  • A girl in Barnes and Noble was talking to someone on the phone and she says, “I’m gonna buy John a new globe, mom said that his is outdated.” Uhh…I don’t think much has changed recently.

Lucy Confused

  • A family of gingers is terrifying. Seriously, we saw like 7 of them, all with bright red hair. They all walked the same and barely talked, pretty sure they were the children of the corn. Seeing just one is already a little weird, but 7 of them together is a bit much.


  • I’ve never understood the “fashion choice” to use a belt to keep your pants underneath your ass. Why not just buy children’s jeans and stick your calves in them?

Confused Panda

  • I was stopped at a red light and the lady in the turn lane next to me wasn’t paying attention; when her arrow turned green, the guy behind her honked about 5 times. She still was not getting it so she looked over at me confused and I just pointed at the light. She finally put it together.

Joker Clapping

  • We were singing Christmas carols while working and we couldn’t remember the 12 days of Christmas. While figuring it out, I realized that you can’t just say “5 golden rings,” you have to sing it.

Singing In The Shower

  • There was a storm on Tuesday and they said it was supposed to snow. It got me thinking, does it snow if there’s thunder? I don’t think it’s ever happened.


  • It’s kind of hard to get to work on time when my car door is frozen shut. I was leaving 20 minutes earlier than I usually do in case the roads were bad, but it took me 20 minutes just to get my door open.

JD angry

  • Having a car with a broken cruise control is unfortunate when it comes to driving 6 hours to Arkansas.

Thumbs Down

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