Random Thoughts of the Week: December 14th-20th

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the definition of cluster fuck is then you should attend one of our meetings at work and you’d probably get a good idea of it. This just about sums it up:

Blah Blah

  • I enjoy when people are caught off guard by my sense of humor. Don’t look so shocked/offended, just enjoy a bit of laughter at the expense of others (as long as it’s not about something super serious). If you can’t do that then at least laugh and then look offended, that’s acceptable.

Haha angry

  • In one of my finals a girl cleared her throat once every 30 seconds, and if she wasn’t doing that she was coughing; talk about distracted.

Shut up! Shut up!

  • I’m amazed when people talk to each other at normal volume when the room is full of other people who are completely quiet. That’s just awkward; no one else is talking and you know they’re all listening to you.


  • This girl, the one talking at normal volume in a room full of quiet people, started talking about a cockroach being in her shower.

Why Would You Do That

  • The girl I sat next to at graduation spent most of the time, before and after we sat down, taking pictures of herself.

Chill Out

  • At graduation they called names alphabetically and by majors. When we got to chemistry: “So-and-So Dean of Chemistry to present the graduates of chemistry”…they called one guy’s name…”how about a round of applause for the graduate of chemistry.” Just the one guy; I bet he feels accomplished.


  • Watching two male roommates try and decide on a laundry detergent might be the most amusing thing I’ve seen at Walmart. A close second would be the woman who was climbing the shelves to get a spice. This was in the same trip too.

Laugh and Cover Face

  • I watched a movie for 20 minutes before noticing it was muted.


  • I’ve discovered that my procrastination is consistent in all aspects of my life. I’m just as terrible about actually trying to find a job as I was at doing work for school.


  • My power went out due to wind; I can only imagine how my nights will go when there’s actually a storm.

We Are Screwed

  • Have you ever had someone ask you “why don’t you like me” or “why aren’t we friends?” There are only two responses:

Still An Asshole

We Will Be Acquaintances


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