Random Thoughts of the Week: December 7th-13th

  • I will always be amused at the way people trot to the bus. They don’t want to full out run, but if they walk they’ll miss it.

I'm Coming

  • I get asked how to spell my last name a lot, but for the first time ever someone asked me if Friederich was spelled with an F. Nope, it’s with a ph: Phriederich.

Lucy Confused

  • We got our group project grades back and mine was fine, but one of the girls who did a lot of work got 160 out of 200. What’s funny to me is that peer evaluation was part of the grade; our fellow group members were to score us, out of 10, on how much we contributed to the project. The problem with that is 3 of them were barely even present enough to know what our project was, let alone who participated. The only thing they know is how much they didn’t do.

Thumbs Down

  • A woman spent $1,250 on gift cards. It made me a little sick to my stomach.

The Fuck?

  • It’s always awkward when someone does or says something that they want me to acknowledge, but I just don’t care. Example A) Waiting in line to get into the bar and the guy in front of me turns around…Random guy: “How’re you doing?” Me: “Good.” Random guy: “How’s your night going?” Me: “Pretty good.” Awkward pause. Random guy: “Tonight’s my last night as a single man.” Me: “This is your bachelor party?” *Said with a lot of judgement* End of conversation.

Talky talky

  • Why do people hug as a greeting? I barely hug people I’ve known for a long time; I certainly don’t want to hug someone I am just now meeting.

Tackle Hug

  • We sat down to eat lunch and the lady in the booth across from us started telling us her life story and complaining about everything that’s gone wrong for her. One good snippet was her saying, “My friend calls me mentally ill, and I’m not mentally ill,” as she’s having a full blown conversation with herself.

Bitch Crazy

  • I’m fairly certain there’s an event in hell where everyone has to push around a Walmart cart with fucked up wheels. Seriously, those carts are a great form of torture.


  • A lot of people think I’m negative about everything, but really I’m just avoiding the disappointment they’re likely going to feel when things don’t go as well as they assume they will. I’ll be over here enjoying my genuine surprise at how well it turned out while they’re disappointed with how well it didn’t. You’re welcome for the great life advice.

Lower Your Expectations

  • P.S. that doesn’t mean don’t have hopes and dreams or expect things of yourself, but don’t expect someone or something to make you happy.

Just Sayin


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