Random Thoughts of the Week: November 30th-December 6th

  • A minivan flew past me on the highway, going at least 80, and changing lanes like they were running from the cops. I mean really, a minivan! They were probably late for a parent teacher conference.

Oh Fuck

  • There was just so much bullshit at the end of my paper. My brain was saying this:


  • and my hands were doing this:


  • A guy walked into class and sat down with 5 minutes left. What is the point?

I Don't Get It At All

  • How annoyed do you think the people who ring the bells for donations are with that sound?They probably hear that ringing in their sleep.

Make It Stop

  • I wrote about Mormon.org in my blog once, once, and now Facebook suggests it to me every time I’m on.


  • Isn’t it amazing that in the 90s there was a song that’s background was just a fucking baby making noises and it was popular? I still sing along when it comes on Spice Girls radio, but I can’t help but wonder who made that final decision.


  • On that note, how about Barbie Girl? Why does that song even exist? Again, I jam out to it, but it’s a little bit fucked up; talking about hanky-panky and undressing her everywhere…I listened to that as a kid, but then again that’s like a lullaby compared to what kids are listening to nowadays.


  • A woman and a bunch of kids asked me if there was a way to call the security guard to his car because they were doing a scavenger hunt and it was an emergency. Uhh I can punch you in the face and actually give him a reason to come over here.


  • One of the new guys at work said that I didn’t seem like a very pleasant person. This was after I told him I didn’t ever want to work with him because he was talking about “lady parts” being gross and that they “do gross things.” He also said that if he found a wallet he would take all the money out and then turn it in. You’re telling me that I don’t seem like a pleasant person? You’re clearly an idiot, but I didn’t come right out with that and say it to your face. Why would I be pleasant to a person who is clearly an immature asshole?

Minion Smash

  • If you’re wearing short shorts that need a separate piece of fabric to connect the denim, like two pieces of denim connected by zebra fabric, then you probably shouldn’t be wearing short shorts. They’re apparently made to be expandable for your thighs…no body wants to see you in those.

That's Not Working

  • I was waiting after class to talk to my professor and the girl that was talking to her before me said, “I’m going on a cruise Saturday, I emailed you at the beginning of the semester, and I need to take my final before that. I’ll be out of town from the 8th-15th.” My professor obviously said it wouldn’t happen because she won’t have the final made by then. Who the fuck goes on a cruise for all of finals week?

I Mean, What The Fuck

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