Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review

  • Let me just make a quick comment on the AMC intro, the one where the theatre turns into a forest: who calmly sits there while everyone around them disappears. Then they’re just sitting there on a tree branch with no cup holders and bugs flying around in their faces. No.

  • Why are the opening credits 5 minutes long? We know who’s in the movie, they were in the first 4.

  • Robert Pattinson has awkward hands throughout the entire movie/series/his life.

  • Why is she running around the forest, hunting, in a dress?

  • That creepy ass baby! Why couldn’t they use a real one, did Kristen Stewart scare off all of the real children? They didn’t use a real face on that thing until 3/4 into the movie. Do you think they just passed around a sack of flour when they were filming the baby scenes?

  • Angry Kristen Stewart is incredibly awkward/amusing.

  • Why is it that right when Bella became a vampire she started dressing all fancy? Vampires can’t wear jeans? Seriously, at one point she was wearing a sweater/dress thing that barely covered her ass and leggings as pants….

  • That “main evil vampire” dude is creepy as fuck.

  • Why does that one blonde vampire look like a hooker? I think it’s the lips.

  • Does Carlisle force them to coordinate outfits? What’s with all of the blue and grey? What if Edward felt like wearing pink into the battle with the italian vampires?

  • What was that creepy laugh “main evil vampire” had when he first met the child vampire?

  • Old dude vampire (the one in the background up there) was having none of it, he really just wanted someone to kill him.

  • Once the threat of imminent death to her and her entire family was gone Bella went back to dressing like normal…


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