Random Thoughts of the Week: November 9th-15th

  • A guy in my group said I was insensitive. Yeah, well you’re unreliable, we’ve all got flaws. Unfortunately, yours is more of a pain in the ass.

  • Food should be banned in the library. One guy walked in with chicken express and the other was across from me smacking what I can only assume was some kind of jerky.

  • I’ve discovered why I never go to the library…I get distracted by all of the nonsense going on. Quiet my ass!

  • One good thing about traffic: watching the old guy behind me rock out.

  • So many older women work at Hobby Lobby. If you could smell menopause, that place would reek of it.

  • When we were cleaning a theatre we found fingernail clippings. Because clearly the best time to clip your nails is during a movie.

  • To the semi that cut into my lane, the guy who stopped in the middle of the road so he could turn, and the guy in the big ass truck who cut into my lane: can you dicks learn how to drive!

  • I was in line to buy my tassel, without the bling, and the people behind me were talking about rape whistles. The girl was telling the guy that companies that manufacture rape whistles really want rape to happen because if it stops they’ll go out of business. Because those companies couldn’t possibly be making any other kind of whistle…

  • Dear Taylor Swift, listen up girl. How many songs have you made about boys not treating you right? How about you just cry over a pint of ice cream and get over it. We don’t need hundreds of songs about how mean boys are. Even better idea, stop dating douche bags. If you seriously went into a relationship with John Mayer and expected him to be prince charming then you’re delusional.

  • I don’t understand the ladies who wear dresses when it’s 30 degrees out. The only reason for that should be that they don’t own pants, and that’s just weird…so still not acceptable.

  • I had to book a table for my project and the girl filling out the slip wrote psychology as ssychology. What? I mean really, when has there ever been a word in the english language that starts with two Ss? She was so confident about it too, no hesitation or scratching it out. Clearly she isn’t an english or psychology major.

  • My 70 something year old professor was talking about retirement and leisure activities and he said, “my leisure activities are pretty costly.” Hookers.

  • I was walking across campus and a song came on that said “love is blind..” at that same time I looked over and saw a blind man.


  • Twilight is coming out, which means I should have a lot of good stuff for the blog for the next few weeks. Those people are crazy.


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