Random Thoughts of the Week: November 2nd-8th

  • You know you live in the good part of town when the police use the McDonald’s down the street to set up for a sting, and by that I mean putting their vests on and checking their weapons. Good stuff.

  • The guy who asked me for a pen last week, starbursts and a coke guy, asked me again. This time he needed it to do the crossword. Stop it.

  • Having to wait for something to be delivered or for someone to come fix something is the most ridiculous thing. Don’t worry, I didn’t have anything to do between the hours of 2pm-6pm.

  • I walked into work and the first thing my coworker said was, “did you see the new kid? He looks like twilight.” Well that’s a movie,  a time of day, and not at all a way to describe a person.

  • My coworker was talking to our supervisor and said, “well you’re a  pregnant female…” As opposed to a pregnant male?

  • The only reason I like dealing with stupid people is because I have something to entertain you all with. They’re talking and I’m just thinking:

  • I was called doll face and love bug all in the same day.

  • Customers can take a survey online and make comments about what they liked or didn’t like about AMC, and our managers post the comments on a board for us to see. This week someone started it off with “The greeter was pleasant and very pretty…” That’s not really what we were looking for.

  • I had to work an 11 hour shift on Saturday and my feet were killing me. How do hookers do it, especially in those heels they wear?

  • A girl I can’t stand told me she loved me, you know the whole “your so funny, I love you” kind of thing. I didn’t say anything so she asked if I loved her.

  • We were talking about rape and the myth that women are asking for it, and of course some guy has to say that women should know better than to walk in dark alleys. I’m not sure if he’s just that stupid or he’s just an asshole. Clearly I should not get raped instead of some asshole not raping me.

  • We took a quiz in my Roman Civ class and of course guy-who-brings-nothing-to-class needed to borrow a pencil. Don’t worry though, he had his package of starbursts and a crossword that he completed with the borrowed pencil. Yeah, this happened twice in one blog week.

  • You wanna know what that asshole did with his starburst wrappers? He started folding them like he was trying to make some fucking origami.

  • Next time he asks me:

  • We were talking about phobias in class and my professor said she was afraid of cats because they’re sneaky.


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