Random Thoughts of the Week: October 26th-November 1st

  • I’m terrible at talking on the phone and I hate it! It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to it just does not work for me. I’m the type of person who doesn’t say anything if I don’t have anything to say; I don’t talk just to fill the silence. I can handle silences in person, but over the phone it just seems super weird.

  • You know what’s weird to me? Seeing Asians smoke. I don’t know why, but that’s a weird concept to me. I just don’t see it often.

  • I love when I get a professor who has a sense of humor. My history professor called the wife of a Roman commander a whore. That’s quality teaching right there.

  • The guy driving in front of me had his windshield wipers on full power; he wasn’t cleaning his windshield and it wasn’t raining.

  • My mom asked me to look up what time a place closed, and their website said 11am-close. Well that’s super helpful. I guess you just have to hope you make it before they decide its closing time.

  • How do people not know how to sweep? A girl I work with doesn’t and some girl at Yogurt Story was not capable of it either. It’s not rocket science.

  • I love when middle aged people, mainly my mom and her friends, apologize for cussing. Yes, I’m extremely offended by what you’re saying, my virgin ears can’t handle it.

  • I asked a guy in my group if he turned in a form we needed and he said he hadn’t. I then asked if there was a deadline we needed to meet and he said, “November 7th is still two weeks away.” That’s not what I fucking asked you! I have a calendar, I don’t need you to remind me. Pshh, trying to make me seem like I’m being unreasonable by asking if he’s turned in a form we NEED to turn in. Sorry I’m the only one who apparently cares about this project, asshole.

  • Facebook keeps putting an ad in my newsfeed reminding me to sign up for the GRE. Give it up Facebook, I’m not going to grad school. Hop up off!

  • I can’t stand people who smoke in public places (bars). Just because you’re ok with smelling like an ashtray doesn’t mean that I am.

  • One good thing about being out late and completely sober is driving home and looking at the shit people have gotten themselves into. You know when someone is surrounded by 4 cop cars that they’re in some deep shit. Here, you’ll need some of this…

  • My sister and I pulled into the drive thru and when we got to the window the lady is talking on her cell phone; while holding our bag of food she says, “hold on.” After about a minute she gives us the food and says, “sorry for the wait.”

  • I tried studying for a test after moving into my house all day (8am-9pm); I got through about 2 pages and next thing I know I’m drooling all over myself.

  • I went to the campus bookstore to get a tassel for graduation and the guy told me they had a bling tassel if I wanted that. I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that!

  • To the guy who had to borrow my pen because the only thing he brought to class was a coke and a package of starbursts, which he unwrapped and smacked like a camel throughout the whole class:


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