Random Thoughts of the Week: October 19th-25th

  • When I went to the bank I was helped by someone who was in the process of being trained. They asked me who to make the cashiers check out to and I told them Freedom Title Company. The trainee asked the woman training her if it was one or two Ts in the middle of title. No, no I meant for you to make it out to Freedom Tittle Company. I’m actually going in on a business venture for a strip club. Let’s hope she’s better with money than she is with spelling.

  • We spent 30 minutes of my 50 minute class talking about our research paper and what sources we can use. It’s a 3000 level class, how do these people not know how to write a research paper or what a peer reviewed journal article is? It’s not that difficult, use your brains!

  • The woman next to me in class would answer every question under her breath because the teacher won’t call on her. You want to know why she won’t call on her? Because she raises her hand every time there’s a question asked!

  • A group of people were trying to recruit students to be campus tour guides. The only way I’d do it is if they were paying me to talk about how shitty the buildings and classrooms are. “You’d better hope you don’t have a class in there, it hasn’t been updated since it was first built back in 1890. This building? Well you’ll have to stick your ass in people’s faces just to get to your seat, good luck.”

  • My grandma sent me an email with the subject title Jackson’s Message to Black Christians. Last time I checked, I’m not black.

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned how much I can’t stand people who don’t pick up their trash, but I’ve got a few more types of people to add to the inconsiderate-assholes-list: people who don’t put things back on their proper shelf in stores and people who don’t put their carts in the little cart area. Is it really too much trouble? Is it inconvenient for you? How do you think the people who have to deal with you feel?

  • We can dress up for Halloween this weekend at work, unfortunately we can’t wear masks so I’ll still have to see the faces of everyone I can’t stand.

  • My costume idea for work is to steal everyone’s name tags and go around taking turns acting like them for the night. Maybe they’ll all realize how annoying they are.

  • I know most of my coworkers read this…so I don’t dislike all of you, just most of you.

  • The guy I talked about last week who tried to add me on Facebook, the one named Brown, messaged me on Facebook “hey babe what’s up?” Uhh hey creep I don’t know you, nor do I want to. Clearly this is some kind of scam, because no one in their right mind named their kid Brown.

  • Though there were those two girls in my class named Bambi and Ursula…


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