Random Thoughts of the Week: October 5th-11th

  • One of my friends was having a conversation with her coworker when the coworker said, “If I have pink eye can you get it?” My friend said, “yeah” and the coworker comes back with, “just by looking at you?”

  • My friend then asks, “when has a disease ever been transmitted that way?” The coworker said, “it will be in the future.” I’ve been informed that this woman was being completely serious and is 27 years old.

  • A big thank you to the assholes who leave their dip cups behind for me to throw away.

  • Watching people take things apart and put them together is extremely amusing, especially when they get frustrated.

  • I got stuck behind a tractor on my way to school. I mean really? A tractor?

  • You know those people who have their conversations at a volume that is unnecessary because they really want attention? I had one of those sit next to me in class and she was talking/yelling about how she’s triple majoring and going to be done in 3 years.

  • The amount of squeaking that comes from the chairs in my classes is ridiculous. You can’t even scratch your head without a loud squeak.

  • We were talking about life after death in class, and at the end of the discussion some idiot yelled out, “YOLO!”

  • My professor was telling us not to capitalize gods when talking about the Roman gods saying, “What are you a bunch of pagans?” The girl who sat behind me whispered, “Yes, actually, I am.” I think she was offended.

  • My history professor told us about a religious disagreement way back in the day where two groups of people threw a dead baby at each other. Pretty much the whole class was trying to hold back laughter. I’m sure that seems terrible, that we were laughing, but just picture that. How ridiculous is that image?

  • I’m not a fan of people who are overly concerned about every little thing. If I say “ow” and look at my thumb I don’t need you to be all “oh my god! Are you ok?”

  • A kid was buying a bottled water and we told him it was only 50 cents more for a large. His friend says to him, “get the large, YOLO!” Yeah go crazy, get the large. You only live once…fucker!

  • Have you ever had one of those days where you aren’t very talkative? (Which for me is quite often) Then everybody thinks you’re in a bad mood, and there’s that one person who feels like it’s their life’s mission to “cheer you up.”

  • Someone getting kicked out of class is an extremely uncomfortable situation.


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