Random Thoughts of the Week: September 28th-October 4th

  • What college professor started group projects? It’s fine in high school because kids have to show up to class, but in college there are about 1 in 5 people who are even remotely reliable. Then they play it off by saying, “group projects help you build people skills and teach you how to work on teams for later on in life.”

  • I saw a guy working out in cargo shorts.

  • I hate when I have a good thought for the blog while I’m in the shower and can’t remember it by the time I have a chance to write it down.

  • I don’t know if any of you watch Grey’s Anatomy, but that show will tear your heart out.

  • Getting a house is all well and good, until you realize how much shit you have to buy for it.

  • I like when I catch myself off guard by making a joke I didn’t intend to make.

  • Why do more people go out to do things when it rains compared to when it’s sunny? Stay inside and read a book instead of trying to avoid being locked in your house with your kids, ya assholes.

  • I saw a guy at the movies wearing bright yellow crocs. Not only are they crocs, but bright yellow?

  • A guy asked what the movie Won’t Back Down was about and a guy I work with said, “it’s about these two ladies who get together to reform the education system. It’s got Maggie Gyllenhaal and one of the black ladies from The Help.” One of the black ladies from the help, really? That’s incredibly unhelpful.

  • In class, we were getting in our groups for the first time and I asked one lady what group she was in. She replied, “not yours.” Oh really? I didn’t realize you knew me or what group I was in.

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