Random Thoughts of the Week: August 31st-September 6th

  • A girl walked into my history class and saw someone she knew; she walked over and said, “you have this class?” What gave you that idea? The fact that he’s sitting in the classroom?

  • Everyone in my history class has a weird and nerdy laugh. What’s a nerdy laugh sound like? I can’t really describe it, but use your imagination.

  • There is one girl in my history class who yells instead of talking, and she laughs extremely loud and extremely late.

  • In one of my classes there’s a girl named Ursula and a girl named Bambi…that had to have been some sort of 16 and pregnant situation right there.

  • I have a professor who uses the textbook he wrote as the required reading material for his class.

  • One of my friends, who’s a guy, started reading an excerpt of 50 Shades of Grey out loud in Barnes and Noble.

  • I also have a professor who sounds like she’s going to cry all the time.

  • Walking up stairs behind someone is incredibly awkward. I mean, their ass is in your face and you’ve got no where else to go.

  • That awkward moment when you’re in class and you go to take a drink, but it goes down the wrong pipe; next thing you know you’re coughing for 5 minutes.

  • Now that school has started again, my eyes have started hurting from the constant eye rolling I’m doing.

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