Random Thoughts of the Week: August 17th-23rd

  • My mom and sister were looking at her old wedding dress, and my sister asked which wedding it was for. My mom told her it was the one to Jim, my stepdad, and my sister asked where the other one was. She told her she wouldn’t want that one because “it was what they called a ‘maternity dress.'” Love you mom!

  • I saw a woman drop her jacket and didn’t notice that it was on the ground. However, the woman standing behind her saw her drop it and proceeded to just stand there and not tell her.

  • I don’t like when we hire newbies at work; I’m not happy/bubbly and they probably go home and cry about how “mean” I am to them. Every single person I’ve ever become friends with has told me that they thought I hated them. Just because I don’t talk to you a lot when I first meet you doesn’t mean I hate you. If it’s a month later and I still don’t talk to you…then you can think I don’t like you, because it’s true.

  • Why is it that whenever you’re running late you get stuck behind the slowest drivers and hit every red light?

  • My main problem with the airport are the people who feel the need to talk to everyone. This isn’t 21 questions, knock it off.

  • I was in the airport waiting on my flight and there was a group of about 10 kids that were on their way home to Colorado from a 3 week long ski trip in Chile…Spoiled brats.

  • Passed a homeless guy holding a sign that read, “need malt liquor and a stripper thanx.”

  • There was a booth in the Denver airport called Climax Jerky.

  • There were so many people on my flight trying to fit their carry-ons in the overhead compartment when it clearly wasn’t going to work. They just kept on trying, while proceeding to block everyone else from boarding.

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