Random Thoughts of the Week: August 9th-16th

  • I was working when I saw a guy run past me, back into the theatre; he walked back out a few seconds later carrying a kid.

  • Two coworkers we’re talking in front of me and one of them said, “yeah, he’s my boyfriend.” The guy she was talking to said, “Oh. That’s interesting.”

  • A coworker saw my ID and started laughing immediately.

  • I was doing the Bridesmaids quote/dance, the one where she’s proving that she’s sober, with my coworker in the lobby at work…a girl walked by and totally judged me.

  • I asked for a couple’s IDs and the guy said, “really?” I told him I have to ask if they look under 25. He tells me, “I’m 24.” That’s really awesome! Guess what though? Being 24 makes you “under 25,” fucking idiot.

  • A girl I work with told me that she was going to a pool/movie on the lawn party. My only response was, “good luck with West Nile.”

  • We had to watch a video about what to do in a shooting situation; it was called Active Shooter. Aren’t all shooters active? If they weren’t active then they wouldn’t really be shooters.

  • I had a guy tell me about how big of a whore his mother is.

  • Walked into a bathroom and there was a 14 year old girl taking a picture of herself in the mirror…

  • I saw a 17 year old guy wearing an “I heart vagina” bracelet….one can only hope he wants to be a gynecologist, and not a professional douche bag.

  • A woman called for my boss and he had me tell her to call back in 10-15 minutes, which is what I told her. She replied with, “ok I’ll call back in 15 minutes to cater to his needs.” Someone’s got their sassy pants on today.

P.S. If you’ve got some time on your hands then you should watch this video and let me know if you think it’s funny, because I’m thinking about doing a vlog and need some opinions. It’s a lot longer than what the daily videos would be, but I just need to know if it’s something you would watch.



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