Random Thoughts of the Week: July 6th-12th

  • Saw a guy, probably 19 0r 20, wearing a shirt that could have been sold at the baby gap. If you raise your hand up an inch away from your body and I can see your stomach, then your shirt is too small and you need to rethink your fashion choices.

  • I had a coworker show me her bra at work the other day.

  • If you’re 12 and wearing skin tight shorts, shorts so tight and small that I can literally see your ass…

  • And if you’re a parent that lets their 12 year old wear clothes like that…

  • I went to dinner with some friends and when we the waiter came to pick up the checks he asked, “are we all here?” and my friend replied, “we’re all in your pocket.”

  • Had a new one at work today…one of the guys I work with called to say he was being arrested and couldn’t make it in today. They called him back, on his cell phone, asking if he was coming in or not and he told them he was in a holding cell. Last time I checked, you weren’t allowed to have your cell phone in jail.

  • I had two coworkers argue about who started poking who on Facebook.

  • The same kid who hugged me last week also says things like “no problemo” and “let’s rock and roll”…I didn’t realize I was stuck in the 80s.

  • A kid at my work was reading my blog while we were working and he didn’t laugh once….

  • I saw a girl pushing around, what can be only described as, disability Barbie. It wasn’t technically a barbie; it was one of those American Girl dolls, or some shit like that ,and it had it’s own doll sized wheel chair to be wheeled around.

  • I can’t stand when people ask questions constantly throughout a movie.

  • I always have a desire to punch most children, 5 years old and up, in the face. They whine about everything and scream and it’s annoying.

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