Random Thoughts of the Week: June 8th-14th

  • I don’t like when someone asks what I mean when I’ve made it clear what I mean. What do you mean what do I mean?

  • The two girls in front of me in class constantly talk. It doesn’t matter how quiet you’re trying to be, we can all still hear you!

  • We watched a movie in class and it showed a picture of some doctor that worked at, I kid you not, the Hospital for Sick Children…as opposed to the Hospital for Healthy Children?

  • Why is it that people in psych classes feel like they can talk forever when they’re called on. We get it, you think you’re so smart…but you’re not.

  • Let’s talk about how annoying it is when you get stuck behind cyclists when they’re going up a hill, going super slow because, well shit, it’s a steep ass hill. I can’t pass them because I don’t prefer going head on into another car.

  • My black lab was sitting in the pitch black hallway outside my bedroom door when I walked out; to say I was alarmed would be an understatement.

  • We watched a video about pregnancy in class and the narrator said, “at week 10 your baby is the size of a kumquat.” what the hell is a kumquat and why is that the example she used?

  • Why is Sarah McLachlan the go to artist for super sad videos? I wonder how she feels about that. Way to go Sarah, you’ve provided music for all commercials and videos that make people want to cry.

  • Our professor asked us what we learned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome…one guy answered with, “it’s random and unpredictable.” no wonder they put “sudden” in the title.

  • Have you ever been complimented by someone you didn’t want to be complimented by? Does that make it an insult?

  • I had a 10 year old ask me, “what’s Gucci?” as he put his hand up for a high five; I was confused and he clarified with, “like, what’s up?”


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