Random Thoughts of the Week: June 1st-7th

  • I really love when someone gives me permission for something I’m already going to do, and don’t need permission for in the first place.

  • Kids who are spoiled and don’t appreciate it are annoying. I feel like I’m spoiled, and compared to most children these days I’m probably not, but I appreciate everything my parents do for me and I don’t go around asking for tons of shit.

  • Watching old people try and work smart phones is incredibly entertaining.

  • There’s always that one cricket that constantly chirps. Is that what they do? Chirp? The cricket I’m currently talking about chills right outside my window that is next to my bed, which means it sounds like it might as well be on my fucking pillow!

  • I hate when someone puts lol into a sentence. I know you’re not laughing and I certainly know I’m not laughing, so knock it off.

  • Hypocrites are amusing to me. They complain about someone who does the exact same thing as they do.

  • My professor for my summer class is Chinese and has an accent; when he says access it sounds like asses. I can only hope he doesn’t use that word a lot, or I don’t think I’m going to make it.

  • I feel like, on the syllabus for classes, they should put “don’t be a moron or an asshole” right under all of the university policies.

  • There will always be one person who, when asked for an idea, says something completely stupid.

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