Random Thoughts of the Week: May 25th-31st


So it’ been a slow week for me this time around. I haven’t been in school and I didn’t work this weekend, so it’s safe to say I didn’t have to interact with too many idiots; that just means that I have less to entertain you with this week.

  • Burning your tongue is a terrible, terrible thing. I seriously think it could be used as a form of torture. It ruins the tastiness of food for at least a couple of days.

  • Do you ever look at someone and think to yourself, “how in the world do they have friends?”

  • I had an old man lose his dentures at my work the other day. Yeah, his dentures. I don’t even know how that happens, because the way he was talking to me about it over the phone made it seem like they just fell out while he was eating and he just forgot about them. After I got off the phone with him I went to go look for them, and I found them on the floor where he told me he had been sitting. I regret this now, but I just picked them up and started walking through the building with them. It probably looked like I just murdered a poor old man and took his teeth for a trophy. It was incredibly disturbing.

  • I’m not sure what is with children these days. I talked to some random 14 year olds 3 days in a row and each and every one of them gave me way too much information about their life with no prompting whatsoever. I’m pretty sure that I barely even talked to my friends when I was 14, let alone to complete strangers.

  • I don’t like when I ask someone a question and they give me completely pointless and useless information on their way to giving me the actual answer. I don’t need your life story, just get to the point.

  • I’m genuinely surprised by people’s stupidity sometimes, and I really shouldn’t be at this point. I wonder how some people manage to even graduate high school. Do these people just not care how stupid they are and how other people see them? I’m mortified when I make the slightest spelling error or don’t know some sort of information that I should, and yet there are so many fucking people who are above the age of 15 who appear to have the intelligence of a 5 year old. How are they not ashamed or embarrassed of themselves? Seriously you know how you can stop sounding like such a dumbass?

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