Random Thoughts of the Week: April 27th-May 3rd

  • Feminist chick was talking to another girl in our psych of the offender class, about things that have happened in our sexual behavior class. Can I just say that I can’t wait until I never see or hear this girl ever again.

  • We watched a montage of terrible American Idol auditions in class the other day. I usually mute the TV when those come on, but I couldn’t really do that this time. I mean, are these people serious? Do they seriously believe that they can sing remotely well enough to make it? I was forced to suffer through almost 5 minutes of it, not great.

  • If you keep slurping on your drink after the cup is clearly empty I automatically want to punch you in the face.

  • If there’s a class discussion going on and you raise your hand and start off with “this isn’t on topic, but…” Just stop; don’t bother.

  • Two days after I posted in the blog about getting comments about not being excited my boss asked me if I knew how to smile. I told him that I did, but I just choose not to.

  • If you’re going to make assumptions you better make sure you’re at least 95% sure that you’re right about it. Actually, let me change that. If you’re going to voice your assumptions, you had better be right; I make wrong assumptions all the time, but I don’t voice them (except to myself). I have a strong urge to throw down with people who come at me with attitude because they think they know something.

  • Speaking of assumptions, I’m assuming some little kid slammed open their parents car door and hit my door with it. I have three big ass white marks on my driver’s side door and it happened while I was coaching my youth soccer team, which leads me to assume that it was a child. Fucking kids…

  • Another gem from the feminist chick: “in women’s prison, the prisoners aren’t given tampons or pads; they have to buy them.” She is a wealth of feministic knowledge.

  • I was buying a package of scantrons and as I was going through my wallet the cashier asked, “will that be credit, debit, or cash?” I told her, “coins.”

  • My mother refers to herself as “Grammy” when talking to my siblings’ pets. The phrase I hear the most is “come to Grammy!” I can only imagine how excited she’s going to be when they have children.

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