Random Thoughts of the Week: March 16th-22nd

  • I was walking to my car with a classmate and she asked me, “so how’d you feel about that?” She was asking in reference to the class discussion we had. I replied with, “I think that bitch up front is crazy!” The chick walking in front of us turned around and reacted as if I had called her a bitch; she looked alarmed and a little judgmental. It’s not my fault she doesn’t appreciate my terrific use of the word bitch.



  • I’ve been having too much fun in my classes this semester…it’s a weird feeling, looking forward to school.

  • I was watching a movie the other day where a person got arrested and was being interrogated and my thoughts automatically went to my mother. She tells me every single time, seriously no exaggeration, “don’ you say a word unless we or a lawyer are there with you.” I was even telling her about a documentary we were watching in my class where this kid was talking to the cops without a lawyer and her first comment, without me even finishing the sentence, was “why was he talking to them without  a lawyer or his parents?” Oh mom…looks like she’s gotten through to me.

  • If you go to the movies and stay to watch all of the credits you’re an asshole. I don’t care what the circumstance is, you are still an asshole.

  • That awkward moment when a random woman is so certain that she knows who you are, even calls you by your name. “I’m Lindsey and Bryce’s mom…” I look at her like she’s crazy and she continues to pepper me with questions and ideas about where she could know me from.

  • I don’t like seeing big insects, or insects at all really; I don’t even like knowing they’re outside somewhere because I assume they’re going to end up in my house, which is the last place I want them to be. Seriously, they say that we swallow 8 spiders a year in our sleep. I don’t know who they is, but I certainly hope they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • I refuse to give in to peer pressure and get timeline on Facebook. Why does it ask me every time I click on someone’s profile? No, I don’t; now stop asking!

  • The wind on Monday was crazy! I felt like Dorothy and Toto, I thought I was going to be blown on over to Oz and be terrorized by flying monkeys and a crazy-ass witch.

  • Last week our professor, who’s really just a grad student (which is a-whole-nother blog post on it’s own), gave us a 30 minute lecture on how to write a paper. We’re in a senior level course in college, if they don’t know how to write a paper by now then they deserve to fail. Stop wasting my time.

  • I HATE, with a very serious passion (as you can tell by the all caps), when someone asks a stupid question. I’m not talking about the questions that I find stupid, because I have incredibly high standards, but the type of questions that a 5 year old would ask. Honestly, if that person would just take 10 seconds and use that brain of theirs they would probably figure out the answer.


  • My neighbor’s dog is a pretty cute looking mutt, but it’s cuteness doesn’t make up for how completely annoying it is.


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