Random Thoughts of the Day: March 8th, 2012


I’ve decided to do a post of some of the random thoughts I have throughout the day, because I have quite a few that I would like to share but I don’t like overloading my Facebook or Twitter. So here we go…

  • If I have to look behind me to make sure you didn’t just run over a cat when you stopped, you should probably get your brakes checked.

  • Why do people pull out in front of you when you’re going 50+ mph, making you slow down considerably, when there isn’t anyone behind you? They can’t wait ten seconds for me to pass?

  • I don’t like people who can’t form sentences without saying, “you know, yeah, like, uh.” It’s extremely distracting from what they’re actually trying to say…although I’m sure it’s not anything important anyway.

  • The problem with working out is that I look like a jackass the next day; walking up and down stairs, standing up, and sitting down…seriously I look like an idiot.

  • I never understood why people on Facebook like relationship status updates that have someone going back to being single. 

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