Random Thoughts of the Week: March 23rd-29th

This week was a little uneventful because I haven’t gone to class, which is where all the idiots are and that’s where most of my amusing thoughts come from.
  • I am amazed at my ability to lose my phone in my bed. I don’t even have a sheet, just a comforter, and yet it takes me a minute of searching to find it. I think my bed is challenging me.

  • Spring Break might just be the worst thing ever. Sure, it’s nice to have a week off from school, but when it comes time for me to actually start going to class again…I really don’t want to do it. I lose what little motivation I had to begin with.

  • I hate that my body knows when my alarm is going to go off and wakes up a minute before it actually does. Dear body, when it comes to sleep, every minute counts ya asshole.

  • I feel like I’ve talked about this multiple times, but I’m going to say it again! Someone chewing ice is probably one of the most annoying noises in the world. Why would anyone think that chewing ice in class is a good idea? Why don’t they just bang on a drum set? It’s about as loud…I know, I know, I’m being dramatic but I don’t care. Also, if you’re reading this and you’re the person who chews ice in class, stop it! You aren’t pregnant you can have something other than ice chips, so just drink some water.

  • I started coaching youth soccer this week and I’ve got this evil little kid who likes so pick fights with the other kids. You want to take a guess at what color his hair is? Yeah, red hair. You know what they say about the gingers; no soul. Seriously, the kid said he wanted to murder the other players. I feel like I should be worried.


Random Thoughts of the Week: March 16th-22nd

  • I was walking to my car with a classmate and she asked me, “so how’d you feel about that?” She was asking in reference to the class discussion we had. I replied with, “I think that bitch up front is crazy!” The chick walking in front of us turned around and reacted as if I had called her a bitch; she looked alarmed and a little judgmental. It’s not my fault she doesn’t appreciate my terrific use of the word bitch.



  • I’ve been having too much fun in my classes this semester…it’s a weird feeling, looking forward to school.

  • I was watching a movie the other day where a person got arrested and was being interrogated and my thoughts automatically went to my mother. She tells me every single time, seriously no exaggeration, “don’ you say a word unless we or a lawyer are there with you.” I was even telling her about a documentary we were watching in my class where this kid was talking to the cops without a lawyer and her first comment, without me even finishing the sentence, was “why was he talking to them without  a lawyer or his parents?” Oh mom…looks like she’s gotten through to me.

  • If you go to the movies and stay to watch all of the credits you’re an asshole. I don’t care what the circumstance is, you are still an asshole.

  • That awkward moment when a random woman is so certain that she knows who you are, even calls you by your name. “I’m Lindsey and Bryce’s mom…” I look at her like she’s crazy and she continues to pepper me with questions and ideas about where she could know me from.

  • I don’t like seeing big insects, or insects at all really; I don’t even like knowing they’re outside somewhere because I assume they’re going to end up in my house, which is the last place I want them to be. Seriously, they say that we swallow 8 spiders a year in our sleep. I don’t know who they is, but I certainly hope they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • I refuse to give in to peer pressure and get timeline on Facebook. Why does it ask me every time I click on someone’s profile? No, I don’t; now stop asking!

  • The wind on Monday was crazy! I felt like Dorothy and Toto, I thought I was going to be blown on over to Oz and be terrorized by flying monkeys and a crazy-ass witch.

  • Last week our professor, who’s really just a grad student (which is a-whole-nother blog post on it’s own), gave us a 30 minute lecture on how to write a paper. We’re in a senior level course in college, if they don’t know how to write a paper by now then they deserve to fail. Stop wasting my time.

  • I HATE, with a very serious passion (as you can tell by the all caps), when someone asks a stupid question. I’m not talking about the questions that I find stupid, because I have incredibly high standards, but the type of questions that a 5 year old would ask. Honestly, if that person would just take 10 seconds and use that brain of theirs they would probably figure out the answer.


  • My neighbor’s dog is a pretty cute looking mutt, but it’s cuteness doesn’t make up for how completely annoying it is.

Random Thoughts of the Week: March 9th-15th

  • I don’t like when I can’t decide whether I want the fan on or not when I go to bed…it turns into a lot of getting up and laying back down.

  • You know the trucks with the “how am I driving” sticker on the back? Do you think telling them, “he’s driving too fucking slow,” is a legitimate complaint?

  • I could never have kids; I don’t want them, but now I know for sure that I would never make it as a parent. I had to clean up vomit twice in one night at work and I barely made it without adding to the pile of vomit. Seriously, I don’t know how parents deal with that mess.

  • I was sitting down “surfing the net” and I had ESPN on in the background and they had an NBA special edition game on. It was featuring “Nueva York and Los Bulls;” Last I checked, which was just a second ago, the spanish word for bull is toro. Come on now NBA, it’s not that difficult.

  • I choose my music carefully when I drive around with my windows down and music blaring. I don’t want to be jammin’ out to Tupac and then have music from the soundtrack to Wicked come on.

  • I had a girl come up and order a small popcorn and she could get a medium for the same price, so I asked her is she wanted to upgrade it…she said to me, “no I’ll stick with the small; I don’t want to get fat.” I’m sorry, what? She was like 9 years old…

  • I wish I had it in me to cut off the people who come up to me and ask me to sign up for something, but I can’t and they just continue to harass me with their sales pitch. Seriously, a banker hunted me down in the aisles of Wal-Mart and I just let him keep talking. I told him I’d think about what he was offering; I wasn’t planning on it, and he knew that so he told me, “Don’t tell me you’ll think about it and then go out the other door to avoid me.” That’s exactly what I did! I left on the completely other side of the store and walked through the parking lot to avoid him.

  • I don’t like that awkward moment when you wave at someone you thought was waving at you…especially when you realize that they were probably just fixing their hair.

  • The old woman in my learning and memory class talk like she’s always surprised or in awe of something…it’s extremely frustrating.

Random Thoughts of the Day: March 8th, 2012


I’ve decided to do a post of some of the random thoughts I have throughout the day, because I have quite a few that I would like to share but I don’t like overloading my Facebook or Twitter. So here we go…

  • If I have to look behind me to make sure you didn’t just run over a cat when you stopped, you should probably get your brakes checked.

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How Could We Be So Heartless?


In light of the recent Kony 2012 explosion on the internet, I thought I would share my experience, thoughts, what have you, on the subject.

I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I very seriously considered not watching the video at first; I didn’t know what it was about, but all the post said was that it was important and needed to be watched. Maybe it’s because I’m cynical, heartless, desensitized, or all of the above, but I usually don’t bother with stuff like that. Alas, I ended up watching it and crying for almost the entire 30 minutes. It was an extremely moving documentary and my crying probably had to do with the knowledge of what is happening to those people and the realization that I am a complete asshole. Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Vote Republican in 2012


When Obama was elected in 2008 I thought the world was coming to an end. I hated the idea of a Democrat being in office, even though I had no idea what his platform was or any of his beliefs. I was just convinced that, as a Republican, McCain was the better option (though I didn’t know what his plans were either). Basically I was super uneducated for the whole election. As the years have gone by I’ve become much more liberal in my political beliefs. Though I am still wouldn’t consider myself an “Obama supporter”, and I’m still fiscally conservative, I am much more liberal when it comes to social issues. But we aren’t here to talk about my beliefs. We are here to discuss why this election year, you should not vote for anyone from the Republican party. Many people who support Romney or Santorum accuse Obama of not getting anything done during his presidency, which is incredibly untrue. He may have backed out on some of his promises, but here are just a few things he’s done right so far (from whattheheckhasobamadonesofar.com): Continue reading