Awkward Class Activities


On the first week back in school I had one of those awkward classes where the professor makes you get together with someone else and you have to tell each other things about yourselves….it wasn’t fun. As you all should know by now, I’m usually a naturally shy person in social situations where I don’t know the other person; add to that the aspect of them asking me questions about myself that I have no idea how to answer, no thank you.

We started out with the basic “what’s your major? Are you a junior or senior?” and then we got into the “tell me something interesting about yourself” question. Why is that the thing to ask someone when you have to do these things? I don’t have anything interesting about myself that I could tell anyone, especially some stranger I met one minute ago. I had to try and cooperate with this stupid task, because we each had to introduce the other person to the class and the interesting fact had to be a part of the introduction. So she answers the questions easily, although her interesting fact was that she was half Asian and half Italian; and as I typed that out just now I realize how much more frustrating this is to me.

When it came time for me to answer the questions, she asked me what I was passionate about. I told her I’m not passionate about anything, which isn’t a lie. Sure, I like things, but I’m not passionate about them. I do things because I like to, not because I could never stand to live without doing it ever again. This bitch did not want to accept my answer; she continued to bother me about the fact that I didn’t have a passion for anything. “Well, what do you like to do? What do you do for fun?” on and on she went with these questions.

I’m sorry, but why do I have to have a passion for something? Can’t I just “like” things, and be content with that? I told her my interesting fact and she still wanted to know more about me, like she was going to write a fucking biography about me and read it aloud to the class. Again, like I mentioned before, all she told me was that she was half Asian half Italian. I didn’t give her the third degree about her hobbies and her passions. I fulfilled the requirement for the introduction and she should have left it at that if she didn’t like my answers!

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