A Lesson in Movie Theatre Etiquette


Keeping with this week’s movie theatre theme, I’d like to talk about some common courtesy things that people can do to make like a little bit easier for others. Also I should mention that I don’t work there anymore, but I will probably use “me” or “us” a lot here. Just go with it. Here we go.

1. Know what you want to see before you get in line.

I understand just wanting to see a movie on the fly. There is no problem with that. There is an issue, however, with coming up to the cashier at box office when there are 20 people behind you, and asking me about every synopsis of every movie we are showing. Not only are you holding up the people behind you, but you’re wasting time I could be using to clear the line.

2. Have your money out before you get to the cashier.

This is another time saving thing. I once had a woman, I shit you not, look through her purse for her card for five minutes. She had been standing in line for a while before she got her tickets. It’s just another way you can get your tickets and into your movie faster without me wanting to murder you.

3. Quit bitching to us about the prices.

I get it. Movies are expensive, and you want to complain about it. But the minimum wage employees at AMC are not responsible for ticket/concession prices. We don’t have meetings discussing how we can just take all your money for ourselves. Saying something like “Wow. That’s ridiculous.” or making a joke of some sort is fine. But yelling things like “This is highway robbery! You’re robbing people!” (Actual words spoken by an actual guest to an actual employee) or “Are you kidding me?!” is just….no. Stop it. I just sell the things. I don’t control how much it costs. If you have an issue, you can drag your butt up to corporate and talk to them about it.

4. We will get fired if we don’t try to sell you things.

I know people hate when others try to sell them things they don’t want. Trust me when I say it is just as annoying for us trying to sell thing to people who don’t want them. What most guests don’t seem to understand is that if we don’t at least attempt to sell you a movie card or some candy with your popcorn and drink, we get in trouble. Possibly fired. So please, just listen to us for two more seconds.

5. Picking up a cup or bag of popcorn is a lot less effort than you think

Obviously as ushers, it is our job to clean up after a movie gets out. That’s fine. But is it really that difficult to grab your cup out of it’s holder and throw it in the trash can that is right outside the theatre you were just in? If everyone just grabbed their half finished large soda/popcorn and threw it out, all we’d have to do is sweep and clean the seats and we’d be done so much faster. Then we could use the extra time to let people in earlier/make the theatre even more clean and enjoyable.

6. Your kids are not capable of holding things.

I was a child once. I know how fun it is to hold drinks or food for your family to be helpful. But a 51 oz. soda is really heavy for a four year old. Also, the condensation on the cup makes it even harder to carry. So, it’s probably not the best idea to let them carry it because they are probably going to drop it and then everybody is just going to be angry.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Amanda already told me she will put up her own rant on Friday, I we should all look forward to that.



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