Satan Is Out To Get Me


Alex wanted me to share one of my horror stories from my time at AMC, so I’ll tell you about the only one I’ve ever really had. I had a calm first two years with the company; I happened to think I was pretty damn good at doing the stupid job, but that all changed when Chuntae arrived.

One of my favorite managers had to transfer to another theatre and we had to find someone to replace him. We had one girl show up for about a week and then she decided to transfer back to wherever the hell she came from. Then, Chuntae, whom I will refer to as Satan for the rest of the post, arrived to make my life a living hell. The theatre I work at is pretty lenient with the rules and the punishment they give out when we break them, but Satan came from a theatre where all rules were to be followed. She wasn’t awful to work with, at first, but then it all went down hill. It all started with her having me written up because I let my cousin and two of his friends in to see a movie for free. She was sitting right in front of me when I let them in, and instead of saying something before I did it, she let me break the rule and then wrote me up for it without telling me she was writing me up for it!

At first, when she told me that I shouldn’t have let them in I thought she was joking because all of my other managers don’t care who is let in. Sadly, I was mistaken because she was completely serious.

It’s hard to explain the next incident to someone who hasn’t worked in a movie theatre, so let me make it short. This bitch tried to get me written up for something that would have happened to anyone. She said I didn’t have things stocked, but what she failed to mention on the write up was that it was busy….of course I didn’t have things stocked because people were buying them!

That’s what happens when people show up to see movies. The point of this story is that Satan was out to get me, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I told her, in a roundabout way, that she was a bitch. It was the Harry Potter midnight and we all had chosen character names to use for our nametags and she chose Bellatrix; that’s when I made the comment, “Bellatrix is such a bitch, so I guess it’s fitting that you chose her.”

Now I’m an incredibly sarcastic person, but I guess she took it seriously (technically I was being serious, but she didn’t need to know that) and decided she would do her damnedest to ruin my life. Turns out, about two months later my GM had her transferred to a theatre 45 minutes away and by the time she got there she put her two weeks in and quit. Karma’s a bitch, just like me.


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