Storytime with Alex: Employment Woes


I often forget that before I worked at AMC and met all these cool people and had a grand ol’ time, I worked at Limited Too. For those who don’t know, Limited Too was a clothing store for children/tweens. Since I worked there it has become Justice, but that was after I was long gone. Most people remember how much their first job sucked and how much they hated it. I hardly ever remember working there because the job was so awful I think I just try to repress the memory.

Usually when people tell stories of their first jobs, it’s about the customers. I only had like one or two people who ever gave me trouble, and those stories aren’t interesting enough. My story is about one of my bosses.

I actually liked most of the girls I worked with. I should actually point out though, that the fact that I only worked with girls was one of the reasons I didn’t like it. I’m not particularly a fan of my own gender. I like to think of myself as “one of the guys” (which makes me sound like a total tool, but whatever). But I digress, my coworkers were all lovely people. And two out of the three managers I had were great. They did their job but also respected me. I wish I could remember their names, but honestly they didn’t play that big of a role in my life.

In fact, the only person’s name I can remember was the third manager, Meredith. God how I loathed Meredith. She was one of those managers who took her job WAY too seriously. And I know that every minimum wage employee says that about their manager, but seriously. Way too seriously. She was a 35 year old manager in a children’s clothing store. Not part of the secret service.

And she was mean to everybody. Not just to me and my coworkers, but to the other managers. The other two were not below her in any way. they all held the same position. But because she was older, she thought she held seniority (she had not worked there the longest out of the three of them).

But what bothered me the most, and this is the reason I hated it there so much, was that she was ALWAYS watching over me. Like a goddamn hawk. She always micro managed me like I was four years old. I never got a chance to learn what I was supposed to because she was always there to tell me. Like I was going to screw up everything. I never even got a chance to screw up because she made damn sure I was never able to do anything of my own volition.

Okay like, there was this one day when I came in. I was supposed to be the main “greeter” that day. All the employees that worked the floor had little “tasks” to fulfill that day. It was a way for us to be more personable with the costumers. Usually it involved things like “Find out the favorite colors of 5 kids”. Actually i had this particular task on the day in question. I get into work, get my badge, head to the front, and put on my biggest fake smile for the costumers. The first mom and daughter duo comes in.

I say, “Hey, guys. Is there anything I can help you find today?”

“No, we’re just looking around thank you.” The mother is clearly in a rush and not in the mood to talk and walks away before I get the chance to tell her about our jeans sale, so I don’t bother asking her daughter her favorite color. They walk off, and not TWO SECONDS LATER Meredith is at my side.

“Did you get her favorite color?”

“No I-”

“Why not?!”

“Well her mom seemed like she was in a rush, and didn’t want to listen to me talk.”

“Did you tell her about the sale?”

What I wanted to say was, “Bitch, did you not hear what I just said?” But what I actually said was. “…no…”

Then Meredith sighed, rolled her eyes, and walked away. This all happened in my first 10 minutes on the clock that day. And she hounded me the rest of the day. One time she asked me if I got the one woman’s daughter’s favorite color. I had to explain to her that she didn’t bring her daughter with her, otherwise I would’ve asked…

I mean, honestly, that’s the only part of that job I really remember. There are a few more tales I can and eventually will tell, like the time I molested a mannequin. But everything else is just a blur. I don’t really have any fond memories of that place.

I basically like to think of AMC as my first job, because I liked it there so much more. It’s where I made most of the friends I still talk to, and I have tons of happy memories from there. So yeah, that’s what I usually tell people my first job was. It’s like being a born again virgin, but for employment.


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