Buy Me a Drank


As I’ve mentioned before, I just recently turned 21 and I don’t drink at all, and I’ve found that almost every single person I tell about it can’t understand why I don’t do it.

I’ve had a multitude of people ask me, “why not?” I had one girl say, “so explain to me this no drinking thing,” and my answer to them is simple, I haven’t done it for 20 years so why would I start now. I don’t need it to have fun, I don’t need to waste my money on something I don’t need, and I’d rather not get drunk and look like a jackass. Me being a psych major, I like to analyze things and I’ve come to the conclusion that a small part of me doesn’t want to drink because I have a fear of not being in control of what I say or do, or at least losing that inhibition. When I told a friend this they said that I didn’t have to get drunk, and in my head I asked, “then why are you drinking, if it’s not to get drunk.” If you’re drinking just to drink then I’ll sit over here with a water and do the same thing. I’ve never had that desire to drink, smoke, or go out and break the rules; It’s never appealed to me. I’ll just sit over here and watch all of you make fools of yourselves, while still having as much fun as you and not spending any money.

Recently it’s become a little worse because I go out to a bar every Friday with my friends, or even if we go to someone’s apartment, they all ask me if I want something to drink or if I want to try theirs. It’s not just the one time either, it’s every time they go to get another drink. I don’t really mind them asking me, but eventually it gets old and stops being funny. I even have some friends who threaten to slip some alcohol in my drink when I’m not looking. I guess I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that I don’t drink. I’m sure a big part of it is that they want to see what it’s like when I let go and stop being so in control of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have a good time and I always do, but I don’t dance around and make a fool of myself.

This would be me at a party.


One thought on “Buy Me a Drank

  1. Emklof

    It’s always really nice to read stuff like this and know I’m not the only one. Literally everything that you described has happened to me too, including the whole “I’m going to trick you into it” ordeal. It’s just never appealed to me, but I go to a small community college and getting smashed seems to be the only way to meet people. So, forever rockin’ on as a bit of a loner. Anyway, just felt like saying, I totally get it. And well, at least there’s two of us. Cheers! But you know, like with apple juice or something ; )

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