What I Would Change


Awhile ago I had a manger ask me, “If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?” At first I told him that I wouldn’t change anything, because I genuinely like the person that I am. Then he asked me if I had to choose something, what would it be? I thought about it for a minute, and the one thing I came up with was a poorly worded choice. I told him, “I would want to be able to act like I was happy to see people.” When I said that and saw the look on his face I realized that my answer sounded kind of terrible.

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Storytime with Alex: Employment Woes


I often forget that before I worked at AMC and met all these cool people and had a grand ol’ time, I worked at Limited Too. For those who don’t know, Limited Too was a clothing store for children/tweens. Since I worked there it has become Justice, but that was after I was long gone. Most people remember how much their first job sucked and how much they hated it. I hardly ever remember working there because the job was so awful I think I just try to repress the memory.

Usually when people tell stories of their first jobs, it’s about the customers. I only had like one or two people who ever gave me trouble, and those stories aren’t interesting enough. My story is about one of my bosses. Continue reading

I Actually Have Feelings…..and I Don’t Like It


I don’t express emotions very well; I’m more of the keep-it-all-inside type of person. I’m best at looking angry and showing I’m happy via laughter, but that’s about it. The rest of the time I’m straight faced with a monotone voice. I always joke about how I don’t have feelings and that I don’t have tear ducts, but this past week I was stunned at how I reacted to some random woman’s situation.

I work at a movie theatre that is next to a bunch of shops and some restaurants. People usually get a little tipsy, if not completely hammered, and then come to see a movie so they can relax for 2 hours and kill the buzz they’ve got going. So, on to the moment that almost broke my heart because, contrary to popular belief, I do have one. It was last Sunday around 5:00PM and it was a slow day at the theatre, so we were all just standing around, when we look outside and see this older woman start to wobble a little bit and then face plant in the middle of the street. Continue reading

Buy Me a Drank


As I’ve mentioned before, I just recently turned 21 and I don’t drink at all, and I’ve found that almost every single person I tell about it can’t understand why I don’t do it.

I’ve had a multitude of people ask me, “why not?” I had one girl say, “so explain to me this no drinking thing,” and my answer to them is simple, I haven’t done it for 20 years so why would I start now. I don’t need it to have fun, I don’t need to waste my money on something I don’t need, and I’d rather not get drunk and look like a jackass. Me being a psych major, I like to analyze things and I’ve come to the conclusion that a small part of me doesn’t want to drink because I have a fear of not being in control of what I say or do, or at least losing that inhibition. When I told a friend this they said that I didn’t have to get drunk, and in my head I asked, “then why are you drinking, if it’s not to get drunk.” If you’re drinking just to drink then I’ll sit over here with a water and do the same thing. I’ve never had that desire to drink, smoke, or go out and break the rules; It’s never appealed to me. I’ll just sit over here and watch all of you make fools of yourselves, while still having as much fun as you and not spending any money. Continue reading