College Kid Issues #3


I think everybody at some point in their life has annoying neighbors. When you live in a dorm, those people are much closer to you, and therefore that much more annoying. I am currently residing on the second floor a suite style dorm hall. And I may have the most annoying residents ever surrounding me.

We’ll start with the guy that lives in the room on the other side of my wall. This boy has a bass. The day after I moved in in August is when I discovered this, and I forgot about it because he hasn’t played it for a month. Then over the weekend he picked it up again. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered by this because have a little sister I am good at tuning annoying things out. But this guy decided he wanted to turn his amp up and play the ever so famous “Smoke on the Water” riff for fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN. Around midnight the other night I was trying to fall asleep, and I was in that in between stage where you’re kind of asleep but still easily awakened. Lo and behold I was startled awake when I recognized some strange deep sound drifting through my walls. Freakin smoke on the water. I think he might of heard me yell “DUDE!” because his amp got quieter after that and I was able to drift to sleep. He still plays the damn thing all the time, but I’m getting better at ignoring it.

Then there are the boys upstairs. I’ve never met these people, and I don’t know if they are guys, but I can only assume as such because they have the heaviest footfalls known to man. Oh my goodness. Every day. EVERY DAY these fools are stomping or jumping or dropping thing or GOD KNOWS what else. It’s like freakin’ elephants on parade up there! I’ve even created a hashtag on twitter, #thirdfloortheories, because I’m constantly trying to figure out what these people are doing up there to make so much noise. These are not just footstep thumps either. It’s like they are dropping anvils. My room has shook after one of the thumps. I’m convinced that one day the guy that lives in that specific room above mine is just going to come crashing through my ceiling one day.

I’ve spoken to my RA about the 3rd floor guys, but they haven’t stopped doing whatever is it they are doing up there, and I can’t handle confrontation. Trust me, I’ve thought about going up there and bitching, but just the thought of that makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. I can only hope they calm down soon, or I might just go crazy.

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