College Kid Issues #2


Last week, Amanda ranted about the annoying things people do in college. I’m here to expand on one of her points, and add one of my own. Both of the people I am talking about are in my 8am Philosophy class.

In her rant, Amanda mentioned people showing up late all the time to class.

There’s this girl in my philosophy class who shows up fifteen minutes late every day. EVERY DAY. Keep in mind we’ve had this class six times. All six times she has been fifteen minutes late. On the nose. It’s never like ten or twenty minutes. It’s always fifteen. I always get pretty annoyed when people are always late. But what annoys me the most about this girl has more to do with my professor’s habits than hers.

My philosophy professor is about 108 years old. He’s a great teacher, but he talks very slowly and repeats himself a lot. He begins right at 8:00 at the beginning of every class he goes over everything we did the class before. This usually takes about 30 minutes of the hour and a half class. If somebody comes in late he stops what he’s doing, goes to his podium, and makes sure he gets them on the roll. And because this girl is late every day, he always has to stop mid review to mark her on the attendance.

What kills me is that this bitch doesn’t come in looking like she rushed to class in an attempt being here on time. She just walks in like when she gets there, that’s when class can start. And I’m just sitting there thinking

Then we have my other classmate. The wannabe class clown. He’s one of those socially awkward people that answers a question with a joke, and nobody laughs. Because it’s not funny. But I guess he hears laughter, because he keeps doing it. There are times whenI get embarrassed for him, because I’m thinking what everyone else is. It’s eight in the morning, I haven’t had coffee, I haven’t eaten, and I’m already annoyed with everything.

I think the most annoying thing is EVERY CLASS has at least one of these kind of people. I think we should just round them up and put them in their own classes together. One class where everyone shows up late, and one that’s just shits and giggles the whole time.

Fucking college.


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