Storytime with Alex: Preschool Angst


I always love when people ask my about my earliest memory, because this is one of my favorite stories to tell.

When I was in preschool, everyday my friends and I would play on the tire swing and spin around like crazy. When we got back inside I would throw up from dizziness. This happened every time. After this happened about three days in a row, my teacher told me I couldn’t spin on the swing anymore. I was really upset because that meant I couldn’t hang out with my friends anymore.

So the next day it was time for recess, and I was sitting on the tire with my friends. Not spinning. One of them was all, “We should spin around!” Me being the bossy pants I was back then (and still am now), I told her no because I didn’t want to get sick and get in trouble. We argued back and forth for a minute, then the little hooker started spinning us anyway. Once we got going she hopped back in the swing, putting her legs in the center.

Her defiance made me angry, so I mustered up all the power my little four year old legs could handle, and I spartan kicked the bitch backwards mid spin.

I got is SO MUCH TROUBLE, but I didn’t get sick that day. 🙂

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