College Kid Issues


I’m going to start this off with a nice long rant about the happenings at college. I’m currently attending college to get my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and the funny thing about that is….I think I’m slightly psychotic. I get annoyed so easily once I hit campus. Let’s start off with parking. I pay $225 for premium parking because I don’t live on campus and I can’t just take a little stroll to get there. I get to campus about 45 minutes early to get a parking spot, but in reality I end up spending 30 of that driving around in circles, using half a tank of gas, trying to find a spot. Eventually I see people start to trickle out to their cars and I end up stalking them; I mean I seriously end up following someone the whole way to their car once they hit the pavement at an extremely slow crawl behind them. They’re thinking…

Instead of the college spending millions on the new football stadium for a losing team, they could have spent it on more land for parking. Now let’s get down to the extremely annoying things that people do all the time.

  • Today I had a girl sitting next to me who took off her shoe and then proceeded to pick at her toenail.
  • CRUNCHY FOOD! Seriously, it doesn’t matter what class or what time…there is always someone around me that has crunchy food in the loudest wrapper. Then they choose to open it after the lecture has already started.
  • Then there’s the kids who show up 30 minutes late for a 50 minute class EVERY TIME.
  • Clicky texting kills me, especially when the girl typing is sending paragraphs to these people. Buy a touch screen phone!
  • Then there’s the girl who instead of taking notes is sitting there on skype with someone and is typing throughout the whole class. I want to throw her computer, much like this…
These people make me want to kill someone!
I’m sure I’ll make College Kid Issues a weekly post…so stay tuned.

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